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Four Step Process to Heal The Pain

 The emotional pain of loss, conflict, or break-ups can leave deep wounds. We often feel the harmful effects in our body, mind, and soul.


Besides the emotional pain of the relationship we must leave behind, there are also mental and physical effects that we must heal from in order to move forward into the new future without the pain.


This technique has been proven to help reduce the painful effects of loss and break-ups.


Follow this 4 step process:

Step 1: Put all your thoughts and pain in a letter.

●   Pull out pen and paper and write a letter you won't be sending. No one will see this except you, so have no worries about how it looks or how you spell.

●   Research shows that writing things out with pen and paper has a positive effect upon the brain.

●   Write this letter to whomever hurt you.

●   Put all your feelings into the letter. Use whatever language you want. Make it as strong as you can.

●   Put the letter somewhere safe for a day.

Step 2: A day later, pull the same letter out.

●   As you read it, cross out words and make them even stronger. Let all your anger, frustration, and pain come out in that letter.

●   Again, put it aside for a day.

Step 3: On day three, put it aside again.

●   Do not read it today.

Step 4: On the fourth day, read it one final time.

●   When finished, say aloud, "I release and let you go. You have no more power over me. Be gone."

●   Then burn or shred it.



One reason this process works so well is because it engages both your conscious and subconscious mind. This, in turn, helps your brain to reduce its output of many of the chemicals and neurotransmitters that are contributing to your stress and pain.


Use this technique whenever you’re feeling deep emotional pain. Soon, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the relief you get from this easy process!

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